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We are a mobile heater repair center for most types of mobile heaters including MCS, HEAT WAGON, THERMOBILE, AND PINNACLE CLIMATE TECHNOLOGIES PRODUCTS and we are the authorized service center for HEAT WAGON and PINNACLE. See below for Manufacturers warranty repairs.

For your convenience we can go to your location and check the unit and provide an estimate for the repair. If possible we will do the repair at that time. If extensive work is required we will either take the unit to our facility or return to do the repairs.


We repair equipment under APPROVED warranty for all of the manufacturers that we are an authorized service center for.

You must bring your equipment into our facility along with proof of retail purchase receipt.

The manufacturer's warranty typically covers defective materials and poor quality workmanship.

The manufacturer's warranty typically does not cover general maintenance, normal wear & tear, abuse/neglect/misuse of equipment, for further information on manufacturer’s warranty call the manufacturer or check their website.

It is your responsibility to make sure you know what your warranty covers. Please be sure to review your original warranty statement or the manufacturer's website to see exactly what your machine is warrantied for.

If warranty claim is denied, we will repair your equipment for an agreed cost.

Call us at 443-637-1175 for your mobile heater needs.