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Waste Oil Boiler Features:

3 Pass Waste Oil Boiler DesignEdit
Solid Waste Oil Boiler Performance
The OMNI OWB Series Hot Water Boiler is designed for years of industrial heating. Viessmann, the Worlds Largest Boiler Manufature's cast iron Scotch Marine boiler design, perfectly engineered with OMNI Waste Oil burning technology brings unparalleled performance in a flexible package.
Many Heating Applications and Fuels
With the ability to burn a broad range of fuels, and the diverse applications for low pressure hot water heating, you have found the ultimate in flexibility. Use your OWB to heat your floor, air, and domestic hot water using free waste oil, and helping keep the environment clean!
A Revolutionary Design
OMNI's unique design provides high efficiency. The OMNI cast iron boiler is a revolutionary idea in industrial heating. It utilizes the highly efficient, extremely durable Scotch Marine design principle that has been proven in decades of use in large commercial and industrial heating systems. Boiler is manufactured in Germany, and sections are assembled there as well.
Easy To Maintain
Swing out door and rear cleanout ports allow money saving serviceability. Unlike traditional boilers which require hours of disassembly, the OMNI's hinged front door provides instant access to all of the boilers' heat transfer surfaces. All service and cleaning can be completed literally in minutes, creating additional savings. A clean boiler is a more efficient boiler.

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OWB-9 Waste Oil Boiler 90,000 BTU

OWB-15 OWB-15

OWB-15 Waste Oil Boiler 150,000 BTU

OWB-25 OWB-25

OWB-25 Waste Oil Boiler  250,000 BTU

OWB-35 OWB-35

OWB-35 Waste Oil Boiler 350,000 BTU

OWB-50 OWB-50

OWB 50 Waste Oil Heater 500,000 BTU