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Fan Coil Units For Chiller Air Conditioner & Hydronic Heating & Cooling

Ultra-Slim 5.1" Ceiling Mount DC-Inverter Fan Coil Units.

Ultra High Efficiency Fan Coil Units w/ DC Inverter Fan Motors

DC-Inverter fan motors run more efficiently and use less power than regular fan motors. Additionally, they are far quieter than a standard fan unit, you can hardly hear them running. And using a hermetically sealed fan motor means years of trouble free service because dust, salts, acids, and moisture cannot get inside. Did we mention more efficient? DC-Inverter fan motors use up to 75% less electricity to do the same job. Chiltrix Ultra-Slim DC-Inverter CXI FCUs are 110-130V 60Hz.

Chiltrix DC Inverter Fan Coil Units

ChiltrixCoolingHeatingWaterPressureAir CFMdBdBPowerPowerNetShipping
ModelBTUBTUGPMDrop PSIVolumeHigh LowWatts
SupplyDimensions InchesDimensions Inches
CXI148*14,77811,6723.24.09381413027115v 50/60Hz59W x 5.1D x
60.6W x 5.1D x 28.7H
CXI12011,8779,7272.44.05340392822115v 50/60Hz51.2W x 5.1D x 26.4H52.8W x 7,1D x 28.7H
CXI858,4988,0791.83.98270372821115v 50/60Hz43.3W x 51.D x 26.4H44.9W x 7.1D x 28.7H
CXI656,4515,6661.61.89188322718115v 50/60Hz35.4W x 5.1D x 26.4H37.0W x 7.1D x 28.7H
CXI343,3793,3471.21.5794302414115v 60Hz27.6W x 5.1D x 26.4H29.1W x 7.1D x 28.7H
HW727,2008,6401.93.62512463540220 50/60Hz31W x 9D x 11H36W x 15D x 11H
Ducted Hydronic Air Handlers
VMB 818,60021,6004.51.65800NANA547120v 50/60 Hz20W x 21Dx40NA/TBD
VMB 1227,90032,2006.71..861200NANA832120v 50/60 Hz23W x 20Dx42NA/TBD
VMB 1639,10044,4009.252.251600NANA1197120v 50/60 Hz28W x 21.25Dx48NA/TBD
VMB 2043,10049,50010.312.651825NANA1311120v /50/60 Hz28W x 21.25Dx48NA/TBD
*Note VMB units require a 0-10v thermostat such as Honeywell T7350D, TB7980B1005, etc.

See Ductless Fan Coil Specifications Sheet See Ducted Hydronic Air Handler Specifications Sheet

The Chiltrix CXI-series FCUs are the thinnest and quietest ductless chiller fan coil units available. They also use far less electricity to operate than any standard fan coil unit. The HW series is a standard high wall design of standard efficiency. The Chiltrix CX-series chiller heat pump units can work with nearly any brand of fan coil unit, ducted or ductless, as well as hydronic in-floor systems.

Central Ducted Hydronic Systems:

Ducted forced air systems are less efficient than ductless fan coil units due to static pressure drop and duct thermal loss. Ducted systems require a centralized thermostat,and cannot take advantage of individual zones in each room like a ductless system. In new construction, or when adding air conditioning to a building that has no current duct system, the installed cost of a ductless system will be about the same, or less than, installing with a duct system. However, if a central ducted system is your best choice, the Chiltrix system combined with a FirstCo DC-Inverter powered VMB will be your most efficient choice. See Ducted Chiller Fan Coil Sizing Guide

About DC Inverter Fan Motor Technology

Whether it is used for a compressor, a pump, or a fan motor, DC Inverter motors are well known for being more efficient. They also run cooler, last longer, and produce a much lower sound level.

DC Inverter motors have no actual inverter in them, AC power runs through a rectifier circuit converting it to DC power. The DC power is then pulsed in varying frequencies to rotate the motor. The higher the pulse frequency, the faster the motor turns.

DC inverter motors are not only up to 20-40% more efficient at a given speed, they also provide the ability to efficiently match the motor speed to the real-time demand saving even more energy.

chart comparison of efficiency between DC inverter motor and AC motor