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Server Room / Data Center Chiller Air Conditioner

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Controlling Temperature & Humidity
Is Serious Business.

That's why many professional IT managers rely on chillers to
keep expensive servers and telecom equipment running cool.

Modular Chiller System - From 2 Tons & Up

24 x 7 cooling operation is crucial to the use of sensitive data processing equipment due to the considerable heat produced by electronic devices operating in close proximity to one another. Without reliable cooling, temperatures can quickly rise to levels that cause failure or automatic shutdown of critical equipment, loss of mission-critical data, leave some or all of the company's employees without the ability to connect to needed systems, and destroy expensive hardware.

Designed for cooling small server/computer rooms, the Chiltrix chiller offers small system performance on par with true data center cooling system requirements, with low acquisition cost and exceptionally low operating costs.

CX34 - The Ultimate Modular Chiller For Server Room Cooling

  • VARIABLE CAPACITY DC-Inverter variable speed compressor and pump match the chiller performance to the actual cooling load. A server room cooling load varies widely depending on activity. For example, an idling CPU generates as few as 100 BTU while at full frequency the same CPU can generate 780 BTU so the cooling load varies throughout the day. After business hours, the cooling load generally drops by a wide margin, but with spikes as scheduled tasks, backups etc. are performed. The fully variable capacity CX34 is always exactly the right size system for the immediate cooling load.
  • N+N REDUNDANCY - Regardless of using one, two, or more Chiltrix server room chiller modules for your base cooling requirement, one or more additional modules can be installed to provide low cost fail-over redundancy.
  • DYNAMIC VARIABLE DEHUMIDIFICATION - The CX34 can use our DHC (Dynamic Humidity Control) to control humidity and increase both efficiency and capacity. Except when the doors are opened frequently you probably don't need to worry much about latent heat or humidity control, as your cooling load is nearly 100% derived from a "dry" heat source, i.e. electric resistance heat from equipment components. Typical server room air cooling always tries to remove humidity, continuous cooling in a server room environment often lowers the humidity far more than is desirable. By lowering the amount of dehumidification performed by the server room chiller you can increase cooling capacity and save on energy usage, while at the same time maintaining proper levels of humidity. Note, a server room should ideally be at 50-60% relative humidity. Lower humidity means the risk of static discharge is greater, and wasted energy. Most server rooms suffer from humidity far lower than recommended. Many server room operators are forced to run humidifiers to control humidity. A correct (not too low, not too high) humidity is best and will result in lower core temperatures in the equipment, lower cooling costs, and safer operation. See HP's ASHRAE A1 recommended server room temperature and humidity document page 4 for the psychrometric chart.

    heat pump chiller controller main screen- psychrologixPsychrologix™ Controller DHC (Dynamic Humidity Control) function is designed to dynamically control humidity and operate the chiller above its already high efficiency rating. DHC prevents server room over-dehumidification and wasted energy. DHC Controller dynamically manages compressor speed, pump speed, fan speed, loop temperature to tightly manage humidity and efficiency. See DHC Details.
  • FREE COOLING - CX34 with SE FREE COOLING ADD-ON includes a second outdoor fan coil, additional variable speed pump, and special controls, to allow the server room chiller to harvest free cooling from cold outdoor air at times during the winter, reducing and/or eliminating the need to run the compressor when it's cold outside (see right-hand sidebar of this page for more details).
  • MODBUS Interface.

See CX34 Chiller Specifications Sheet

CX34 replaces CX30. Specifications subject to change without notice. Images are representative only.

Free Cooling Option

The Chiltrix SE Server Room Edition adds a "free cooling" option to CX34.

Server rooms need cooling all year, even when it is cold outside. If you operate in a northern area with cold winters, this option is for you.

When outdoor temperatures drop below 38F, the CX34 glycol-water loop is automatically extended through a special water-to-air heat exchanger to harvest outdoor cold ambient conditions to pre-cool the glycol-water loop so that the CX34 variable speed compressor can drop to a very slow speed and consume less power. This can save about 50% off of it's already low power consumption without lowering capacity.

At and below 28F, the CX34 chiller with Free Cooling SE add-on will turn off the compressor entirely and still be able to maintain its rated cooling capacity using only the variable speed pump and fan motors. At this point, the CX34 achieves a COP of of >41 and EER of >141.

Enjoy the savings of 2 tons of cooling for less than 75 watts. The colder it gets, the less water flow rate is needed, allowing the VSD pump power draw to drop under 20 watts.

Depending on location, for some customers free cooling mode can be active up to 3 months per year during the daytime and up to 5 months per year at night.