Featured Items for April: Mesys Pellet Boiler/Furnaces

Mesys AutoPellet Air Furnace Mesys Pellet Boiler
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Reduce your carbon footprint and save on your heating costs.
The MESys AutoPellet Air is the world‘s finest fully-automated warm air wood pellet furnace. The AutoPellet Air is a standalone system and is designed to meet the heat demands of households and many commercial and municipal buildings.
  • Compatible with warm air central heating systems and existing distribution
  • Fully, semi-automatic and manual options available Internet connectivity for remote temperature adjustment and monitoring
  • Long run times for greater efficiency
  • No backup system necessary
MESys AutoPellet Air Wood Pellet Furnace
The world’s finest wood pellet boiler.

A) Automatic Auger or Vacuum Fed Fuel
From the pellet mill to the burner, you never see or touch the fuel.

B) Automatic Heat Exchanger Cleaning
Heat exchanger tubes are automatically cleaned daily, never requiring a manual cleaning. There is no need to shut or cool down the MESys AutoPellet for cleaning.

C) Bottom Fed Burner
Our unique bottom fed burner design eliminates emptying ash from the burn chamber for a restart, this results in no by-product build up. After a period of low-demand only the application of air is commonly necessary to restart.

MESys AutoPellet Wood Pellet Boiler Diagram